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Methods for Gaining Commitment

How to Gain Buyers Commitment?

Gain Buyers Commitment
There are many effective ways to ask for a commitment. Before utilizing any of the methods below, trial close.
  • Direct Question—Once you've generated interest, presented a solution, and discussed motive, the best way to gain a person's commitment is to ask for it.
  • Alternate Choice Method—Asks the person to select one of two options.
  • Minor Point Method— Calls on the person to make a minor decision that indicates that the larger buying decision has been made.
  • Next Step Method—Assumes that the sale has been made and looks past the commitment to the next actions that need to be taken.
  • Opportunity Method—Presents the buyer with a brief window of opportunity,during which time certain deals or options are available. This can be used with a buyer who knows he or she is ready to buy but is putting it off.
A buying commitment signals the end of a successful sales process and the genesis of a relationship. This is accomplished more easily when the early phases of the sale are conducted skillfully. Remember, an overemphasis on closing can lead to manipulative techniques and strained customer relationships.

A customer's commitment is a natural part of the buying process that must make the customer feel good about buying. Successful salespeople who compete in today's marketplace do not manipulate customers into commitments they later regret. Long-term selling success is built on repeat customers who sec results and tell other people about the positive association they have with their salesperson.

When customers make a commitment to buy, they are really placing their trust in the salesperson to deliver solutions to their needs. In the information-gathering process, we learned that customers do not buy on logic alone. Decisions are heavily influenced by emotions. The ability to use language to build an emotional desire to buy is what we worked on in the previous session.

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