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Team Roles

Team Roles:

    Team Roles
  • Visionary—Focuses primarily on the big picture. He or she looks at long-term, desired outcomes and the general direction of the team and its processes. As such, the Visionary can provide a much-needed sense of mission, direction and leadership that others cannot. On the down side, the Visionary often ignores the details and fails to do what is necessary to get things done.
  • Achiever—The person who can most be counted on to accomplish tasks. He or she is often a diligent worker with an outstanding level of technical expertise and can be counted on to complete any task to which he or she is assigned. However, in his or her desire to get things done, the Achiever often overlooks the contributions of others and may be seen as "difficult to work with."
  • Facilitator—By far the best at working with people. In doing so, he or she tries to ensure that processes are established and upheld. When conflicts arise, the facilitator can be counted upon to step in and make things right by getting all the parties to appropriately discuss their differences. This can also be a negative, because, in his or her attention to process, the facilitator often neglects to complete tasks on time.
  • Analyzer—The conscience of the team. He or she reviews the team's decisions and approaches and compares them to the common purpose to make sure the team stays on track. As such, he or she can often provide the ethical and procedural compass that teams require. However, in doing so, the Analyzer often remains in the reactive mode and is often not seen as a self-starter or as someone who can perform a task alone.

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