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Questioning Model

Effective Questioning Model

Effective Questioning Model
An effective model for asking questions allows salespeople to discover the interest areas of our buyers. Questioning also helps the buyer clearly understand potential gaps in what they currently have and what they could have. Using a process of gathering information continues the natural flows of sales process and captures the information we need in order to present compelling solutions. The research we do and the questions we ask will help us identify the buyer's interest areas. This will help us make our solution presentation unique for each buyer. A good questioning process points us to interest areas.

One critical point. Don't confuse questioning with pre-approach. We should ask questions that show we have done our preparation.

Questioning Areas

As Is

As Is questions help us detennine the buyer's current situation. These questions give us a picture of key issues like product specifications, others who influence the buying decision, and challenges that we may be able to address in our solution.

Should Be

Should Be questions help us discover the buyer's vision of his or her operation at optimum performance. Questions here focus on how the situation could be different if we can help the buyer solve their problems.


Barrier questions identify the factors that are stopping the buyer from achieving the should be. While barriers are not objections, they can lead to objections. For example, a specified budget is a barrier that can lead to objections about price. Our questioning should focus on how the return on investment can have a positive effect on the budget.


Payout questions are used to clarify how the buyer will personally benefit from the solution. Responses to these questions allow us to understand and appeal to the motivational reasons for buying.

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