Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Effective Relations

 How to Develop Effective Relations?

Effective Relations
As we strive to be more effective in our professional and personal lives, establishing and maintaining strong relationships is critical to our success.

In our relationships with others, it is common for us to be in situations that require clear and accurate communications. Our ability to clearly communicate important information can affect how productively we live and work with others.

As we consider our advancement toward our vision, we occasionally encounter opportunities to crash through barriers. These opportunities present situations for us to respond with courage, confidence, and conviction.

A. Strengthen Relationships

- Become more sincere and genuine in personal interactions

- See how consistent application of the Human Relations Principles improves results

- Discover how relationships help us advance toward our vision

B. Commit to Gain Enthusiastic Cooperation

- Learn the Principles to Gain Enthusiastic Cooperation

- Identify opportunities for improved relationships

- Learn how to create "win-win" relationships

C. Make Our Ideas Clear

- Understand the importance of being clear when giving directions

- Learn to present information in a logical sequence

- Reinforce the value of demonstrations when explaining new material

D. Crash through Barriers

- Display increased levels of courage, confidence, and conviction

- Effectively tap our reserve power

- Develop a greater freedom for self-expression

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