Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Box Factory

The Dale Carnegie's Box Factory Exercise

Dale Carnegie's Box Factory
This action-packed and fun exercise is designed to help you freely express yourself using gestures and emphasis. In preparation for this activity, please memorize the following incident. Concentrate on the verbs that describe the experience of visiting this very interesting box factory. This will make the story easy to recall.

The Box Factory

I found myself yesterday near a huge box factory located on a high hill. Running all around this building was a picket fence about this high.

I walked up to the factory, threw open the door, walked in, and found myself
in a long hallway.

At the far end of the hallway was a spiral staircase. I walked up this spiral staircase, pushed open a sliding door, and found myself in a big room piled high with boxes. There were big boxes, middle-sized boxes, and very small boxes.

Suddenly, the boxes came tumbling down around my head! I woke with a start, yawned, stretched, and went back to sleep.


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