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Always Begin with the Incident

How to become an effective presenter?

Effective Presenter
When preparing your report, begin with any of the three steps of the Magic Formula. When delivering your report, always begin with the incident. Why? The incident captures the immediate attention of your audience and makes your communication more conversational.

When using the Magic Formula, be sure that both your action and benefit steps are brief, clear, and specific. Your incident should be based on an achievement experience that taught you a lesson. Remember, your action step must tell your listeners to do something. The more specific the action step, the better.

Add Power to Your Incident

If you wish to persuade others, you must be alert and alive yourself. You must speak with sincerity and excitement. You must speak so that your listeners will feel that you believe every word you say. This will help to move them to action.

To speak effectively, you must use more than just your voice. You must also use physical animation or gestures. In other words, you should use your whole body. Natural, forceful, spontaneous gestures are extremely powerful for two reasons:

1. Gestures stimulate and inspire the speaker. Gestures wake you up, loosen you up,
and relax you. By using gestures, you let yourself go physically, mentally, and

2. Gestures also affect the audience. The emotional effect gestures have on listeners is
both obvious and, at times, even dramatic. Just think about some of the world's great
presenters. In almost every case the use of natural, spontaneous gestures contributes
to the effectiveness of the speaker and the impact of his or her message.

The Magic Formula 

Incident - describe what happened +
Action - explain what you want the listener to do +
Benefit - relate the benefit of taking the action

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